• Four east African countries join hands to fight plastic pollution

    Four east African countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have joined hands to fight plastic pollution in the region, an official said Saturday.   Ana Le Rocha, the executive director of Nipe Fagio, said the four countries have decided to start a Single-Use Plastic Free East African Commu...
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  • Feature: Zambian organization making pavers with plastic waste

    Indiscriminate disposal of waste materials remains a challenge for the most densely populated residential areas in Zambia.   In these areas, it is common to see plastic bags and containers clogging drainage spaces and streets looking untidy because of plastic litter.   It is for this reason that ...
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  • Time to ride the tide of blue ocean business

    This year the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report identified biodiversity loss and human environmental damage as two of the biggest risks to the global economy. Continued business-as-usual approaches will result in reduced natural capital-such as fish from the sea-and disruptions in supply ...
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  • Solving the plastic pollution crisis — SUEZ’s commitment to plastic recycling

    What plastic recycling solutions does SUEZ offer globally that can help address plastic pollution in China? With a history in the water and waste sectors stretching back over 160 years, SUEZ is working on all 5 continents to help cities and industries manage their resources smartly and sustainabl...
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  • Glass bottle manufacturing technology continues to improve

    With the continuous improvement of glass bottle manufacturing technology, in order to pursue the quality, manufacturers use a lot of materials and glass to pursue visual beauty and enrich the artistic language of glass bottle products. The contrast of different materials makes the aesthetic feeli...
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  • Are you ready for the introduction of the “Plastic prohibition order”?

    With the formal implementation of the “plastic ban order”, “big consumers” of plastic use, such as supermarkets and takeaways, all over the country began to introduce plastic reduction measures and transitional measures. Experts said that plastic pollution control involves...
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  • Is it a degradable plastic bag?

    In January last year, the Opinions on Further Strengthening Plastic Pollution Control issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment was called “the strongest plastic limit order in history”. Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan and other pla...
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  • What is the color of degradable plastic bags in circulation?

    “Then tell me, where should I buy it?” In a food-eating alliance store specializing in snacks, the clerk asked the reporter such a question. The “Plastic Prohibition Order” came into effect on January 1st this year, but there are many problems surrounding degradable plast...
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  • How to reduce White Pollution

    Plastic bags not only bring convenience to people’s lives, but also do long-term harm to the environment. Because plastics are not easy to be decomposed, if plastic waste is not recycled, it will become pollutants in the environment and persist and accumulate continuously, which will cause ...
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Main applications

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